Practice reviews

What is a practice review?

The chiropractic practice review process was developed by the CCOA to ensure minimum standards of practice and support quality assurance in our profession. The main focus of this review is professional quality record-keeping. This process is a requirement of the Health Professions Act (HPA).

All facilities and members of the chiropractic profession must meet the necessary requirements as set out by the CCOA and all practices and procedures must be consistent with the requirements of the HPA and CCOA Standards of Practice, Administrative Policies, and Code of Ethics.

Practice reviews are self-submitted and you will receive notice via email when your self-submission is due. Download and complete the appropriate package if your package review is due.

Practice review self-submission package: Use this package if your most recent review met requirements or met requirements with concern. 

Remedial (supplemental) practice review package: Use this package if your most recent review did not meet requirements. 

Practice reviews must be reported by the Competence Committee to the member and the Registrar within 90 days of the conclusion of the practice visit and must include whether:

  • The results from the practice visit were satisfactory.
  • The regulated member must comply with directions imposed in accordance with the regulations, or
  • in accordance with this Part, the information obtained from the practice visit has been referred to the Complaints Director.

Recommendations imposed by the Competence Committee as a results of a practice visit may include the following:

  • To complete specific continuing competence requirements within a specified time;
  • To complete any examinations, testing, assessment, education or counselling considered by the Competence Committee to be advisable;
  • To practice under the supervision of another general member;
  • To prohibit the general member from supervising other general members or students providing professional services. 

Updated practice review process - July 2020


What is a remedial (supplemental) practice review?

A remedial (supplemental) practice review is indicated if an initial practice review is determined to be unsuccessful. If this was the case with your initial review, you will receive notice via email when the remedial review self-submission is due. Download and complete the remedial practice review self-submission package if your remedial (supplemental) review is due.


When will I need to do a practice review?

Practice reviews occur every four years as part of the ongoing competence program of the College. Practice reviews may also occur within a year if a remedial (supplemental) practice review is required.

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Review the CCOA Practice Review Requirements Guide to understand the key elements of complete, accurate and Standard-meeting chart notes.

You can also access the CCOA Record-keeping course if you have been directed to take it, or if you are interested in how to meet the CCOA Standards on record-keeping.