Continuing Competence (CC) Credits

For full Continuing Competence program details, please see the Continuing Competence Program Manual. Continuing Competence (CC) credits are awarded to regulated members for taking seminars/courses that support the delivery of chiropractic care and are specific to ongoing clinical competence. You must complete 24 approved and mandatory CC credits in order to access your annual practice permit renewal application. Continuing competence is a legislative requirement of the Health Professions Act.


March 27, 2024

  1. Starting June 1, the CCOA continuing competence (CC) cycle will run from June 1 to May 31 annually, which allows regulated members the ability to claim CC credits year-round.
  2. Effective immediately, the late CC requirement submission period (June 1-10) has been eliminated.
  3.  All CC credits for the 2024-2025 renewal must be submitted by May 31.

How to submit CC certificates

Email your certificates to [email protected]. They must:

  • be in PDF format
  • have a valid completion date, and
  • have a valid CCOA reference number on them to be accepted.
  • have your legal name (the same name registered with the CCOA)
Certificates sent in any other format, including by fax, or are missing any of the above information, or are sent to any other email will not be accepted.

Annual CC requirements

Annually, each regulated member must complete 24 CC credits including the three CC mandatory requirements noted below, when they are required. It is the member's responsibility to keep record of their certification of attendance as the CCOA does not retain the certificates. One CC credit will be awarded for each full hour of a CCOA Registrar-approved program, seminar or course (as listed in the approved Seminar Database) that:

  • is deemed to have chiropractic relevance; and
  • is within the scope of practice for chiropractors in Alberta; and
  • supports the delivery of chiropractic care and is specific to ongoing clinical competence or as approved by the Council of the CCOA.

As criteria for awarding credit may change, the CCOA does not guarantee that a seminar approved for credit once will be automatically granted approval again. The interpretation of the meaning and the intent of this information is the purview of the Registrar of the CCOA. 

Mandatory Requirements Established by Council
Per section 1(c-d) of the Self-Directed Program Rules, Council has established that the following mandatory requirements must be completed by regulated members.

1. Standard First-Aid with CPR-C with AED
2. Trauma informed care training
3. Record keeping course

Trauma-informed care training is a mandatory requirement due by May 31 when Trauma Informed Training Required indicates ‘Yes’ in your Member’s Centre Continuing Competence CC Summary. Training that is completed and submitted to the CCOA will expire in the third continuing competence cycle from when it was completed. This is a re-occurring requirement due every three years.

Record-keeping is worth four CC credits and completion is required by May 31 when record keeping requirement indicates yes in your Member’s Centre Continuing Competence CC Summary.  Record-keeping that is completed and submitted to the CCOA will expire in the third continuing competence cycle from when it was completed. This is a re-occurring requirement due every three years
Keep track of your CC summary by clicking the CONTINUING COMPETENCE tab in your member profile.

Approved seminars

To round up your CC credits, you choose the seminars/courses from the Seminar Database. Upon completion, you are required to obtain a certificate with the CCOA Seminar Reference Number from your provider. To be eligible for credit, the course must be completed in the current Continuing Competence Cycle which runs from July 1 to May 31 of the practice permit renewal year. Certificates that are issued without a visible CCOA Seminar Reference Number will not be accepted or credited to your member profile. If you take a course that is not on the approved seminar list, you will not receive credit for it unless you submit an Application for CC seminar Approval by May 15 and it is approved by the Registrar. See instructions at the bottom of this page for more information. 

Seminar approval process

Confirm credit approval by checking if the seminar is listed in the CC Seminars database. 

What to do if the seminar is not in the CC Seminars database

  1. If you take a course that is not in the CC Seminars database where only approved seminars are listed, you will not receive credit for it unless you submit an Application for CC seminar approval by May 15 and it is approved by the Registrar. 
  2. A separate application is required for each course, session or module.
  3. Seminar approval once does not ensure repeat approval in subsequent periods. If you wish to apply for re-approval of a seminar, all application requirements listed in the application must be submitted. Always check the database first to confirm the status of the seminar.
  4. To understand the requirements for a course to be awarded CC credits, please review the Continuing Competence Program Manual.

How to use the CC seminar approval application

  1. Form instructions: click on the Application for CC Seminar approval to download to your computer or right-click and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” and save the PDF form to your computer in order to fill it out. The PDF will allow you to save your changes. You can email or mail the completed application to the contact listed in the application instructions.
  2. As our forms change from time to time, ensure that you access this page each time you apply for a seminar.
  3. All application requirements are outlined in the package. Submit all listed requirements in one package to expedite the approval process.
  4. Additional dates may be added (at no additional cost or application process) to approved seminars during the current year, provided there is no change of instructors or course content.

CC seminar approval deadline: May 15

  • The deadline for the seminar approval is May 15, 2024.
  • Applications received past May 15, 2024, will not be reviewed, processed or applied to any CC certificates, which are due May 31. 
  • We are currently in the July 1, 2023–May 31, 2024, year. 
  • The CCOA fiscal year runs from July 1–June 30.