Professional Corporations

Professional corporations can provide significant financial benefits to professionals, especially related to tax planning and succession planning. The CCOA highly recommends seeking assistance from an accountant or lawyer to determine if creating a professional corporation will benefit you. This page includes instructions on how to register, renew, amend or deregister/deactivate a professional corporation.

Annual renewal process

You need to renew your professional corporation permit(s) annually. Renewal runs the second Wednesday in October to the last business day in November. Notice of renewal will be sent via email each year to the director of the corporation. The CCOA will notify Corporate Registry if your professional corporation is not renewed, as it will no longer be deemed valid.

Renewal instructions

Follow the instructions below on how to renew your professional corporation. The renewal process includes three declaration pages and a payment process, all taking under five minutes to complete. Note: You will need to repeat this process for each of your professional corporations.

Please take care to answer each question correctly. If you save an incorrect answer, contact the CCOA to have your form reset.

Step 1 - Log into your member profile

  • At the top of page, you will see a button labeled “Members’ Centre.”
  • Click on the button. This will take you to your profile.

Step 2 - Select which professional corporation you would like to renew

  • On the left side of your profile, you will notice an orange button labeled “Renew your prof corp.” Right above that button is a drop-down menu with your corporations listed.
  • Select which corporation you want to renew, then click the orange button to begin the renewal process.

Step 3 - Review your address on the first page

  • The first page of the professional corporation renewal includes some basic information about the renewal requirements, as well as the address of your professional corporation.
  • Please take a moment to read and review the information listed.
  • If the address of your professional corporation is incorrect, edit it by clicking the green button beside the address and correcting it as needed.
  • Once you have read everything and checked the boxes, save and proceed.

Step 4 - Confirm your professional corporation information on page two

  • You will be required to confirm important information related to your professional corporation on this page.
  • Select your response using the dropdown menus beside each question. 
  • Ensure that you are answering each of these questions correctly. If you make an error and save an incorrect answer, contact the CCOA to get your form reset.

Step 5 - Confirm all the information you’ve declared is accurate on page three

  • If you answer “yes” to each question on page two, you will be brought to a final declaration page to confirm that you understand that it is your obligation that all the information is accurate and in compliance with CCOA requirements.
  • Select “I understand” and you can proceed to pay your dues.

Step 6 - Review your payment summary

  • First, you will see a payment summary for your professional corporation renewal fee.
  • If everything looks correct, complete your renewal by paying your dues. Click the “Pay Dues” button.
  • On this last page, you will be able to fill out your credit card information, confirm your billing address and, finally, submit your order.
  • Your renewal form will be sent to the CCOA and you are done.
  • If you plan to pay by cheque, close the payment summary page. Mail your cheque to the CCOA. Please note that your cheque payment must be received by November 25. 
  • Note: It takes up to three to five business days for your renewal to be processed and appear in your member profile, under “Permit.”

Got deficiencies?  

  • Answering “no” to any of the questions will bring you to the deficiencies page.
  • Details on why you cannot proceed with your renewal will be explained here.
  • Follow those instructions and send the required information to the CCOA so you can complete your professional corporation renewal.
  • If you are shown this page in error, please contact the CCOA and we will clear your form so you can complete your renewal.


Registering a professional corporation

  1. First, consult your lawyer or accountant, in concert with endorsement of the articles of incorporation by the CCOA.
  2. To create and register for a professional corporation, please download the procedure package, and follow the instructions.

Amending a professional corporation

To amend a current professional corporation, download the Amendment or Amalgamation procedure package  and follow the instructions.

Deregistering a professional corporation

To deregister a professional corporation, you can submit the professional corporation deregistration application form and the CCOA will deactivate your professional corporation. Please be sure of this step before submitting the application.

Inactive/unused professional corporations

If you no longer use or require a professional corporation, you can submit the professional corporation deregistration application form and the CCOA will deactivate your professional corporation. Please be sure of this step before submitting the application.

Please Note: The role of the CCOA regarding professional corporations is to ensure that the professional corporation is duly organized and meets the requirements of the Health Professions Act (Act) and CCOA Bylaws to be established as a professional corporation. The information that the CCOA follows is from the Act or the Bylaws. Consult your supporting professionals (Auditor/Lawyer) in reviewing the legislation in the Act or Bylaws. The CCOA can only advise you on the process of registering, amending or deregistering a professional corporation from the CCOA Professional Corporation Registry.